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Why Laptop Is Slow - 3 Tips To Speed Up Laptop And Regain Fast Speed
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Why is your laptop running so slow?

#1 Virus, trojan, adware, spyware attack and crash your laptop system. The CPU usage will be 90%-100%. You should be able to find at least one or two processes causing the CPU to go 100%.

#2 Suspicious plug-ins on Internet Explorer slow down your surfing Internet speed. That is why your Internet Explorer browser keeps freezing when you visit some web-page.

#3 Too many pictures, programs, audio/video media files have been stuffed into the windows system disk. This absolutely will slow your laptop performance down. You can not play games, watch movies, or even open folders smoothly.

#4 Registry errors. What would happen if your laptop get registry errors?

* The laptop system needs a long time to respond your every order.

* You always get blue screen of death on the laptop.

* The slow laptop keeps freezing and crashing.

* Runtime errors, Internet Explorer errors and some outlandish system errors frequently appear on your laptop.

How to Speed up Your Laptop?

First Step to Speed up your Laptop - Defrag Your System

Imagine your hard drive as a folder with many papers inside with different colors. Each type of color represents one program. When you try to read about one program you will look for one color only. Imagine how hard it is to read about one program when the papers are randomly spread and how much of your precious time u will waste. When you defrag your computer will rearrange the papers and put each color together. Defragmenting your hard drive can speed up your laptop significantly. Do it and see the difference you

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