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Tips for hold laptop batteries longer II
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Away from heat
Batteries contain within it components that react chemically and in doing so generate energy. The efficiency of these chemical processes depends on the temperature. At high temperatures side reactions occur that reduce Vostro 3700 battery efficiency. Consequently, it is very important to keep batteries away from heat.
A first step will not always have the battery connected to the computer, only when in use it is, in mode 'unplugged'. Otherwise, it is best to remove it and store it in a drawer or briefcase is required to use, because the heat generated by the processor subtracts them very efficiently.
Some experts say the battery should not be removed when work is plugged in, it acts as a protective shield against the oscillations of the electric current Still, some experts say the battery should not be removed when work is plugged in, it acts as a protective shield against electrical current fluctuations, which if severe may eventually damage the motherboard with a surge of electric current .
It is also alleged that a Vostro A840 battery is always inserted in the laptop is a guarantee against sudden power outages that could result in loss of all work done. However in this regard, most programs have autosave system copies and document retrieval in case of sudden disconnection.
For the same reason, it is advisable not to charge the batteries directly into the processor, but purchase a separate, independent magazine, and will not generate much heat. The disadvantage of this system is that each brand has its specific chargers, and i

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