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How To Dual Boot Ubuntu 11.04 With Windows 7
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Many Windows users who use Linux based operating systems for practice rely on VMware or VirtualBox for creating virtual machines. However, the problem with virtual machines is that many applications do not run due to compatibility issues. A better alternative can be to dual boot Linux operating system like Ubuntu with Windows. In this post we will tell you how to dual boot Ubuntu 11.04 with Windows 7.
To get started, you will require a Live Ubuntu CD, DVD or USB. If you don%u2019t know how to make a live USB. Boot your system from the Live CD, DVD or USB and run the operating system. This will be a temporary session which terminates once you restart your system and remove the USB. Therefore, click Install Ubuntu option to begin the installation process.
This will start the installation wizard. In the first step, select your language preference and click Forward. You can optionally enable updates during the installation process and select third party software installation option. ClickForward to continue.
You will be showed three options including a dual boot option with an existing OS, erasing option to remove the primary operating system, and something else. Although you can select option three and provide manual configurations, but it can be a bit difficult for many users to understand the allocation of resources required to successfully use it. Therefore, select option one and click Forward for easily installing Ubuntu with Windows 7.

Windows 7
Your system will restart, remove the Live media device and boot from Windows 7.

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