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The Missing Tip for Creating Info-Products Quickly
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There is one step in the Laptop Mom S.U.C.C.E.S.S. System that makes creating information products SO much easier. It is the missing piece for most people who are struggling to get their online products created. If you have thought about creating an e-book or delivering a teleseminar, but you just can’t figure out what the topic should be, or what people would spend money on, this step is going to really help you out. In fact, this is going to make everything else that you do in business so much easier and clearer.

The tip is: Discover your Unique System.

What is a Unique System?

Your Unique System is the step-by-step process you take for getting a specific result with your clients or in your business. Your Unique System is a way for you to package your knowledge in a leveraged and freedom-based way. A Unique System is your answer for taking what you share one-to-one, and being able to share it one-to-many.

The system you develop is what helps people, and when it is documented in a leveraged way (in other words, as information products), then your brilliance, your talent, your knowledge, your gift – how you help people – can be shared with many at one time.

If you want to create leveraged products that give you passive income, you first need to know your Unique System.

What does documenting your Unique System do for you?

Serve more clients in less time
Knowing your Unique System allows you to take what you do one-to-one, and share it one-to-many. Your documented system can be used by your target audience without you being there, so man

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