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Lithium battery charging system
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Welcome to a Laptop Battery Specialist
of the hp laptop battery? First post by:
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How can we correctly charge lithium-ion batteries? Best lithium-ion battery charging process can be divided into four stages: trickle charge, constant current charging, constant voltage charging and charge termination.

Phase 1: Trickle charge – used to trickle charge the battery fully discharged first pre-charging unit (recovery of charge). About the battery voltage is lower than 3V, the first constant current of 0.1C with the maximum charge the pavilion dv6500 battery .

Phase 2: constant current charge – when the pavilion dv6000 battery voltage rises to above the trickle charge threshold, increasing the charge current constant current charging. Constant current charging current to 1.0C in 0.2C between. Constant current charge does not require very precise, quasi-constant current is possible. Linear charger design, the current often rises as the battery voltage is increased to minimize heat dissipation on the transistor.

Greater than 1C of constant-current charge and will not shorten the charge cycle time, so this is undesirable. When higher current charging, the electrode reaction of the over-voltage and battery voltage on the rise in internal impedance, the battery voltage will rise more quickly. Constant current charging phase becomes shorter, but because of the following stage constant voltage charging time will inc

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