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How to Recover or Remove BIOS Password: PC CMOS Cleaner
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Recently, one of my friend forgot his BIOS password and needs to change some bios setting. This happens mostly with Laptop users as they lock their Laptop BIOS for security purpose and forget the password in the Long run. You can regain access to change the settings in BIOS, this can be done by using a small free software –PC CMOS. There are many other scenarios where you need to enter BIOS settings and you find out that it’s been locked because of password protection.

You can also remove or reset BIOS password physically – by opening the system’s case and removing the CMOS battery or changing jumper settings. But most of us are less aware of hardware details. For those users there is PC CMOS Cleaner which helps to reset BIOS password in few clicks.

PC CMOS Cleaner is free and an easy-to-use tool to recover, delete, decode and display the superior passwords stored in BIOS whatever the brand is. Most types of BIOS are supported. It’s a bootable CD that runs on x86 and x86_64 computers. No need to pay expensive fees to experts because this utility is absolutely FREE to use. I love free software.

PC cmos cleaner: remove or reset password

How to reset BIOS Password?

1. Download ISO file by clicking here
2. Burn the ISO file to CD
3. Set the BIOS to boot from CD.
4. Insert the CD you burned and reboot your computer. The software then automatically runs.
5. Use PC CMOS Cleaner to finish the job.

It is recommended to see complete user-guide of PC CMOS Cleaner

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