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Check your search to see if you entered it and spelled it as you intended

Check to see if the database you are searching is appropriate for your topic (information about the database can usually found by clicking an i or About or similar button or tab or, in the library databases list, if you mouse over the database title; with EBSCO databases, click on Choose Databases>> to get to this information)

Check the Help feature or Search Tips to see if you are entering your searches correctly for that database

Try other search terms and use OR between the terms to find items with any one of the terms

Try using a truncation symbol (often an * or ?) to retrieve results with varying forms of a word (educat*, for example)

Try searching the whole item and search by Keyword, rather than by Subject

Remove limiters.  For example, even if a news or review article may not be directly useful to you, it might lead you to a person or institution doing work on your topic

Look at the bibliographies of items that are closely related to your topic.  Some of these sources may be very helpful or may in turn lead you to useful sources

Try searching another database or library catalog

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