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   1. By location or collection:
         identify staff members responsible for or interested in specific locations or collections in your library
         identify any issues that might be unique to each location or collection
         as you identify issues for cleanup, produce any diagnostic reports by location or collection

   2. Review the history of your database:
        reviewing projects and staffing year by year may trigger memories of possible cleanup issues
        identify cataloging sources that have been used over the lifetime of your database

   3. By cataloging source or outside vendor:
        identify the characteristics of the data provided by each vendor, including MARC tags used, tickler fields, encoding levels, and any local fields created by the vendor
        review the load specifications for records from each of the sources of data.

Tips for evaluating your tables:

   1. Are all codes included in your tables presently being used?
   2. Are there any codes, particularly location codes, which can be consolidated?
   3. Run ARROW reports for each location you intend to eliminate to determine how many records would be affected.

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