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Tips for searching the Church House library on-line databases
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You can access the Library’s databases over the Internet in a variety of ways. The simplest method is to save the URL and add it to your the favourites on your browser


you may go the General Synod home page, and click on Library Searches in the left hand column.


Full Text Policy

There are two main types of databases. The Anglican Consultative COUNCIL, LAMBETH Conference and OFFICIAL Statements databases are all full text databases. In other words, the record contains the complete (full text) of the item. The full text databases are composed almost exclusively of resolutions. The only exception is the OFFICIAL Statements database which also includes Press releases and some Pastoral letters/statements from the House of Bishops. Every resolution/record includes a date, a mover and seconder, and text. The great majority of records have also been indexed and include subject headings.


The Library’s book CATALOG database and journal ARTICLE database contain records which each describe one book or one journal article. You will see a listing of the individual book or article, with an author, title, annotation or description, and subject headings. You are seeing a description/summary of the book or article but NOT the complete (i.e. full) text of the book or article. Books are indexed to the chapter or essay level and in most cases Anglican and/or Canadian con

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