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Q: I have one friend wants to update display card to improve game running speed, here’s the main configuration of the computer: Athlon64 3000+, 2GB RAM, Colorful C61 motherboard. Recently after adding one Unika HD4350V512 Fight version, I feel the performance improvement is not that obvious enough. Please why is this happening?
A: HD4350 could only be low level product so far, after updating the display card; you could only get HD video hard decoding ability, game performance could not get any improvement. Besides, this set of configuration uses Athlon64 3000+ sole Core CPU, the float calculation ability is low comparatively, which is the reason influencing game speed. Besides, C61 motherboard is kind of old model, it’s not realistic to just update CPU. Suggest you updating CPU, motherboard and display card at the same time, you can update CPU to Pentium E5200 (referenced price is around 60 USD), and then change motherboard as Jetway XBLUX-P43 motherboard (referenced price is around 60 USD). At last, update display card to Onda GT240 512MB GD5 (referenced price is around 80 USD). After updating like this, the effect running games would have obvious improvement.

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Article Submitted On: 2011-06-16 10:14:10
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