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Q: recently when running “Warcraft”, computer would often auto shut down, opened the main case and found that the internal temperature was quite high. Each part is quite heated, even just start the machine and run “Warcraft” immediately, it would heat much like this. But there’s no problem with common applications. My CPU is Athlon II X4 630, fan is matched additionally, the display card is HD5770, please why is this happening?
A: “Warcraft” kind of 3D games, actually their loading is not that big, sharp increase of heat is probably because certain fan inside the main case has problem; besides, the entire machine’s thermal ability is not that good, computer cannot endure the burden and would definitely auto shut down. The temperature inside the main case is quite high, which means the main case thermal function is not good, suggest first checking up CPU, display card and power fan, whether there’s any problem. If everything is OK, then consider installing main case fan at both front and back sides of the main case. And build effective thermal air-vest inside the main case to deal with the coming hot summer.

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