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What kind of independent display card should be used to match with Pentium Dual Core platform?
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Q: here’s the main configuration of the computer: Pentium E2140, Fujitsu 671M motherboard, 1GB RAM, as the motherboard has PCI-E x 16 slots, now I want to add one independent display card, please give me some recommendations!
A: to update independent display card, rated power is quite essential. Simply speaking, if rated power is within 250W, you can consider updating HD4670 display card, as for concrete product, you can consider Dataland HD4670 Green version (referenced price is around 60 USD). If rated power is above 250W, then you can consider about GT240 display card, as for concrete product, you can consider Zotac GT240-512D5 Mig version (referenced price is around 95 USD). And there’s no need to consider about higher level of display card, because on one side, current platform doesn’t need higher rated power, on the other hand, after all CPU performance is not that high, too high level of display card could not exert its all performance. Besides, you can add one 1GB RAM, then the entire speed would accelerate much more.

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