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how to solve "No Signal to Computer Monitor?"
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Maybe you turned off your computer last night and turn it back on and for your surprise the monitor is not working. Well if this is your case good because it’s time to replace your computer (just kidding) let me guide you through few steps so you can troubleshoot your computer.

pcmonitor1 300x244 No Signal to Computer Monitor?
Troubleshoot steps to check your monitor

   1. Check both monitor cables, power cable and the one that connects to the computer with blue head, make sure they are connected properly.
   2. Check if the monitor tries to power up and then shuts down, if yes this resolves by resetting the CMOS chip. To reset the CMOS open the computer case, locate the JP1 jumper near the BIG aluminum battery and change the current location let say 2 and 3 to 1 and 2 for 1 minute, after that change the jumper back to 2 and 3, close the computer and power up. It should work now!
   3. If the reset thing didn’t work, open again your computer case, locate the video adapter, remove the video adapter and reinsert it again, make sure is really tight. Close the computer and power up, if this didn’t work then you have a video card problem.

Me as a computer technician these are the procedure I do when checking for monitors problems, most of the times I resolve the problem by resetting the BIOS (CMOS) chip and viola! But sometimes after doing those procedures I find the video card was causing all the problems.

If you need more details on how to reset a BIOS, visit this post and will guide you through all the steps.

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