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Backing Up Your Mobile Workforce
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Laptops are now considered an integral piece of IT infrastructure, so data protection can be just as important for mobile devices as it is for back-end systems. To adequately protect the potentially massive amounts of data stored on these devices, enterprises must acknowledge the importance, risks and costs of mobile computing tools and start building processes to protect their data.

Plan Your Backup Strategy

The scope of laptop backup can present a daunting challenge to some. After all, backup policies, operations and management of thousands of distributed systems can be difficult, even under the best of circumstances.  Determine your scope and business strategy. It may be helpful to run an ROI analysis calculating the average downtime and relevant cost to your IT infrastructure beforehand.

CMS Products’ backup solutions currently are deployed in many large global companies.  Our portable backup solutions allow the people of your mobile workforce to maintain a fully bootable replica of their laptop hard drive in a rugged device bundled with state-of-the-art, easy-to-use backup software.

Bare Metal Recovery Made Easy

Chances are, a significant percentage of your mobile workforce has experienced some kind of system crash on their laptops. A call to your help desk starts the ball rolling toward recovery. In some cases, system crashes can be fairly easy and inexpensive to diagnose and repair, while others can be more time consuming and eat up IT resources. Keep in mind, your employees at this point probably are

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