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Sony Tape Backup
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It seemed like a great idea so you bought a Sony tape data backup system for computer backups. But that was eons ago and the system and its hardware drives and software is now so outdated that it hardly seems worth the effort to perform the backup every night. Test out the nti backup system

The Sony Company has a resolution. There’s a Sony program in place that will allow you to trade in your older Sony backup equipment toward the cost of a new tape backup utility system. For those who like the tape backup system unit for data storage, this is great news. And for those loyal Sony customers, it’s even better.

If you’re new to Sony tape backup, or to any tape backup, you’ll find that there are some definite advantages to this method of saving your hard disk data. One of the biggest, according to those who manufacture and use tape storage as a data media, is the ability to manage large quantities of data storage. Arguably the biggest negative is the requirement to store the tapes that the backup and recovery system uses. There are some options on this point, including an offsite storage company.
nti-backup.html     nti backup

There are some decisions you need to make when you’re getting ready to choose from the Sony tape drive systems. One is whether you want to have a system tape drive with an internal edi or scsi enclosure or if you prefer an external enclosure. The difference is fairly straightforward. An internal enclosure system has to be installed inside the PC unit itself. A Sony data tape backup with an

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