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Tips to increase battery backup for laptop
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With laptops increasingly taking over desktops for practically all purposes, there is no doubt that the future will see nothing less than a complete takeover. With the laptop providing complete computing capabilities on the go, battery backup is a prime concern for most notebook and netbook users. With a slew of advice to increase battery life, the user is still clueless why battery backup is never what it should be. BattStat is a battery status monitor and power management application for Windows.

It is small in size, but provides all information one needs to know regarding battery backup, fluctuation and probable reasons for the same. Real time data analysis and usage information is provided through graphs.

A user can get data for active usage pattern and make an informed decision based on it. Windows 7 users may not be able to make much use of this tool but for users of earlier versions of Windows, it can be of great help. Information regarding HDD usage, load and CPU usage is also provided in real time. Screen power control and hard disk power control is also of importance.

The user can also check the status of the battery by clicking on the Batteries tab, and also toggle between multiple active batteries if present. This information is available for both charging and discharging periods. ... supplies high quality cheap Laptop batteries , such as HP laptop battery, Dell laptop bat

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