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Compaq EVO N180--troubles with boot
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Q: Configuration: AMD 1.06 GHz; 512 RAM; Windows XP Pro; DVD/CD-RW combo drive
I bought this laptop a year and a half ago, the warranty ran out about 6 months ago and I'm in school right now = not a whole lot of money to spend on this problem. When I try to boot up the computer, I get (most of the time) a black screen for a couple minutes then shutoff, or the "Compaq" screen for a couple minutes then shutoff, or occasionally it will boot all the way to Windows and say that it has just recovered from a serious error. In all cases, the fans come on at powerup and shortly after kick on to high and stay that way until everything shuts off without warning. I have used the Compaq QuickRestore disks which erase the entire harddrive and reinstall the OS. So, I doubt it could be a virus, it's got to be a hardware issue. I think the fans are a clue, maybe it's shutting down because something is telling it is too hot? What could I replace to fix this problem keeping in mind I don't have a ton to spend? Any thoughts would be appreciated.
1) Even you go into the Compaq BIOS; it won't show you any temperature of the CPU.
1. The first time you bought your laptop, did your fan kicked in within few minutes like current?
2. Can you go into the BIOS by hitting the F10 key?
3. Does your fan blow out extreme hot air within few minutes?
4. When did it happen?
If you answer these question specifically, then its more clear to your problem. Now you just said fan kicked in and few minutes, the system shut down. It could be faulty heatsink, fan, CPU, RAM, Hard Drive and power supply
2) Some systems go to hi

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