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1. Error message “Non System disk or disk error, Replace and strike any key when ready”, after starting with floppy disc, enter C behind A:\>, then screen shows “Invalid drive specification”, system could not recognize disk.
Failure analysis: the reason causing such a problem, generally is because the disk setting parameter in CMOS is lost or the disk type setting error.
Solution: enter CMOS, check up whether disk setting parameter is lost or disk type setting is incorrect. If it’s really such kind of problem, then just need to recover disk setting parameter or change it back. Here’s the concrete modification: enter CMOS setup, choose “HDD AUTO DETECTION” option, then disk type parameter could be inspected automatically (vary from different types of BIOS, some BIOS might be “IDE AUTO DETECTION”, which you just need to change according to your own option). If there’s no such a option, besides, there’s no backup CMOS, then you’d just have to open the main case, check the disk parameters on the surface label on disk, and then change accordingly.
2. Error message: after starting up, screen shows “Invalid partition table”, disk could not start, if to boot from floppy disk, then it recognize drive C.
Failure analysis: generally, the reason causing such a failure is because there’s error with the partition table of the disk main boot record, when specify several active partitions (only one active partition) or v

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