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If after deleting a file, the storage disk space has writing operation, then generally speaking, the recovery rate is 0. Therefore, the important precondition to recovery deleted files by mistake is not to do write operation on the partition where the file is deleted.
Virus damages
1. Symptoms
Now most people would feel terrified when talking about viruses basically; usually the damages brought by viruses is unpredictable (including damaged partition table, data coverage and so on; for example, hard disk damaged by CIH virus, the partition table is already modified completely, even you cannot find hard disk by booting drive A), so the symptom that virus damages disk data is difficult to describe, basically most of data damage situations are probably caused by viruses, so the best way is to install an excellent virus firewall.
2. Solution
As the methods that viruses damage disk data vary so much, you should suit the remedy to the case for the recovery solution. Here we take CIH virus as the most common example, because it’s the most common one, which is also easy to judge (generally it works on April 26th)
Once find that user’s disk data is damaged by CIH virus, use the F10 function of KV3000, and here are the repair extents as below:
1) The size of drive C is above 2.1G, original FAT table is of 32 bits, then the recovery rate of drive C is 98%, recovery rates for drive D, E, F are all 99%; matching with manual assistance, the recovery rate of drives C, D, E, F could reach 100%.
2) The size of drive C is below 2.1G,

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