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Satellite L635 freezes up when running on battery power
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Q: I've bought a Toshiba satellite L635 yesterday, and whenever I try to work on it for more than 5 minutes, the entire computer freezes up nad remains stuck.
After I turn it off and on again and run in safe mode, it works just fine.
When the computer is plugged in to the AC power, it works fine too.
I've tried to recover the OS and settings, but it still freezes up after about 5 minutes of work.
I will appreciate your help,

A: 1) suppose that you can have to try the Safe Mode option of the Toshiba Satellite L635. I recommended you that to start your Toshiba Satellite L635 into the Safe Mode. To boot your Toshiba Satellite L635 into the Safe Mode continuously press the function F8 key until you can get the Safe Mode option on the screen and after getting the option select it. After clean virus on your hard drive , I hope your problem can be resolve.

2) This error can be related to the Battery. you can to that be careful while installing a batterry on the Toshiba Satellite L635, off power and AC Adapter, because if there can be any power failure or any other interruption then sometimes your laptop can be crashed.


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