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Vertical Line on HP Pavilion ZD8000
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Q: I too have a vertical line on laptop screen. The color is pink. About one third in from the left side of screen. Called support this evening and was told my warranty has expired and if I wanted another one year warranty for $99.00. I told this person on the line that if hp could correct the problem then I would agree. He said yes. He then processed the new 1 year warranty and then transfered me to technical support, only to find out that my laptop would cost $400.00 to fix and said that he would credit me the $99.00 if I agree to have it fixed. I refused and said that I will not agree to spend $400.00 and that I do not want the $99.00 warranty. He would not credit me the $99.00 because that is for phone support only. Now I'm waiting for his supervisor to call me back. I'm very disappointed with HP. I purchased this laptop October 30, 2005 and just purchased another hp laptop about a month ago. What a mistake that was.

A: 1) Have you tried an external monitor? If it displays correctly, then you need replace a good Screen.

2) I believe it is a thermal issue with the ATI graphics adapter. When the laptop has been off for a while and is cool, the system will boot and the display will work fine. Once it gets hot (about 20 minutes at idle) a VPU Recovery error appears offering to reboot or to switch to software rendering. Software rendering will allow the display to stay on, but obviously performance is horrible. If you select the option to reboot, the system will boot with a black screen. If you have an external monitor attached, you can switch to display on that monitor

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