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Serious Problem with HP TX1000 need Help
By Paul
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Q:my laptop has worked fine since the day i got it but now i seem to be having a issue which is serious for me. i am using windows vista home premium. what happens is, i will put my computer to sleep and or hibernate and upon waking up from one of those to my laptop will not boot or resume. The Harddrive light will blink for about 2-5 seconds and then just completely stop blinking. i then turn of my computer by using the hard shutdown method and after i do that i turn it back on and it still has the same problem. i must turn it off about over 8 times for it to work again and even when it does work again, if i shut it down correctly the same problem still occurs.
has this happened to anybody else

If anybody has any solutions or knows the general reason why this happens your answers would be much appreciated


So it looked more like the Microsoft Vista support issue. I didn't think of contacting Microsoft vista support

I found suggestions that that could be because of the display driver being outdated. People suggested reinstalling display driver. I tried that. Turns out the display driver at HP website is actually older than the one I got through Vista Update. Go figure. Replacing the display driver didn't help with the blank screen problem.

Some people suggested putting the laptop to sleep by closing the lid. Tried that. Laptop would still not wake up.

Some people saw the annoyance with the AMD processor. Well mine is Intel. Never mind.

Some suggested setting minimum CPU processor speed back to 100% and disabling scree

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