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My HP NC4010 laptop USB Boot fails with windows XP
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Q: Can this Notebook boot from a USB to bypass the NTLDR problem on the hard drive?

Black screen with NTLDR error is all I get.

Going into BIOS to change boot sequence has no way to make the hard drive Second. Its stuck at First. How do I change it?

A" Yes, it's possible to boot from USB (I have an nc4010 and have done this many times). To boot to a USB device, do the following (assuming a bootable USB device):

* Plug the device into a USB port

* Start the system and enter F10 Setup

* Under "Advanced Options", select "Boot Order"

* Enable "Multiboot" and select a 10 second delay (so the menu displays during boot) - gives you time to select which drive.

* Under "Multiboot", the USB device *should* show up if it was plugged-in prior to entering F10 Setup. Change the order to USB first, if desired.

* Press and save the settings, then exit and reboot.

For reference, you won't have the USB device option if it is not plugged-in before starting the system and entering F10 Setup. Once the BIOS settings are saved, it should "remember" the boot order the next time a USB device is plugged in prior to power-on.

After changing the BIOS settings, reboot and see if it boots to your USB device. If not, post again and we'll try to figure it out. Make sure to include what type of USB device you're booting to (Flash Drive, CD-ROM, Hard Drive, etc).

Oh, and remember that you'll need to boot to an OS that recognizes the NTFS file structure if your internal hard drive is formatted NTFS. Otherwise, the hard drive won't mount and you w

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