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Little help to buy a new laptop DVD-ROM
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When you update or change your laptop DVD-ROM, make sure that the DVD-ROM you buy is compatible with your laptop. Some laptops require physical DVD-ROM which could work in CSEL mode, while some laptops need M/S ROM. Generally, by refreshing firmware, we can set DVD-ROM as master or slave. If physical DVD-ROM is not configured correctly, then it would not be inspected by BIOS. When you start the laptop, you would get IDE #1 error prompt. To avoid these problems, the best way is to buy a professional DVD-ROM for your laptop. If you plan to buy a common one, then you should ensure the seller you contact that their DVD-ROM could work normally on your laptop.

Most cases, you can use the same interface board and DVD-ROM box, just remove the old and install the new.

Meanwhile, make sure that your front panel could fit one new physical DVD-ROM. All frames are different, so for one specific DVD-ROM, you need one specific frame. Don’t hesitate to contact with your seller asking him/her about the compatibility of the DVD-ROM and the frame!

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