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1. The function of Fn key: Fn key is a combination key, which has no use itself, but combined with other function keys, it could quickly change the operation feature. The keys combined on the keyboard all mark blue label, and here’re the concrete functions:
 Fn+F3: to shut down laptop display, keep black screen. To open the laptop display, press any key or TrackPoint pointer. If you connect AC power adapter to the laptop, or disassemble from the laptop, you can also open the laptop display. This function is to save power, especially when battery is supplying. Second is to prolong the life of the liquid crystal display.
Fn+F4: let computer stay standby status. To return to normal operation, please single click Fn key without pressing F4. (Previously Windows 95 and Windows NT called this method Pending way). Under this circumstance, only close display and disk, but there’s still power consumption, which is proper for the situation that laptop would not used within a short period of time (two hours or shorter).
Fn+F5: enable/disable computer internal wireless network device and Bluetooth device.
Fn+F7: display on connected external display (or projector) or on both displays, the first time press this combination keys, it would switch from laptop LCD display to external display, the second time pressing this combination key, then both laptop LCD and external display would show; the third time, then it would switch to laptop LCD again. Namely, it switches between these three situations: external display (or

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