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IBM laptop common failures
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T30 IBM T30 66 could start up, power indication light is on, disk light is also on. But there’s no any display on screen, besides, there’s warning alarm. The external monitor connected has no response at all, which means the laptop could not start up. Disassemble the laptop, check up CPU, after powering on, check whether there’s temperature. If yes, it means the CPU works. Next check whether the memory stick is connected well, pull out the memory stick from the original slot and then move to another one, after assembling this, start up the laptop. The failure is eliminated then.
For such kind of problems, mostly because memory and memory slot are broken.

R32 IBM R32 laptop starts up normally, when it’s running, if you move the machine, blurry screen would occur, the entire screen shows bright white, then system crashes. Disassemble the machine and test, and then it is found that the connection slot between data cable and motherboard is of bad weld, then short circuit would easily occur when moving the machine. After repairing the welding, the failure is eliminated. Such kind of failures is quite common, blurry screen is caused because of bad contact; short circuit would also lead to system down.

T23 IBM T23 serial port cannot work, serial port hardware device also could not be found in system property. After disassembling the machine and testing, it is suspected that the serial port control chip MAX3243 is broken, after replacing it, the problem disappears. Such kind of failures is quite common.

T40—the mot

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