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Choose the perfect notebook for your business
By Noel
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Every business is different. Each one faces a unique set of challenges. In the current environment, though, they all have one thing in common – a need for IT solutions that work, securely, reliably and affordably. And that’s exactly what our new ProBook series notebooks are designed to do.

Made up of three business-ready notebooks this series delivers exceptional features as well value. So, whether you choose the HP ProBook 4710s, 4510s or 4515s Notebook PC, you get technology which works perfectly in tune with your needs. Here’s how:

I have to protect my data
No problem. Our new ProtectTools Security Manager comes as standard on all our commercial notebooks. This provides robust protection which is simple to operate, allowing authorised users to set their preferred level of security in just three clicks. Added to that you also get Full Volume Encryption which offers protection for your data in case your notebook is lost or stolen. And, if you need peace of mind that deleted data is properly deleted, the HP File and Disk Sanitizer completely wipes all sensitive information from your hard drives.

I need to know my notebook won’t let me down
Your ProBook won’t. We understand that mobile business environments mean you need a notebook that will last. That’s why all of ours go through the HP Total Test Process. So your ProBook has already been submitted to 95000 hours of rigorous testing to make sure it’s totally reliable. Accidents do happen, though. But thanks to the HP 3D DriveGuard and spill-res

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