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Causes and resolutions for corrupt partition in Windows XP
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Disk partitioning is referred as the term that is used to divide the hard disk into several (at least two) logically separated storage spaces, called partitions. These partitions are useful in many aspects such as creating separate space for user files and program files, keeping frequently used data close to each other, having a separate area for virtual memory swapping/paging, etc. However, at times there may be some problems with the partitions, which at times even disable the computer from starting. Such problems usually arise due to various reasons that are discussed later in this article. In such scenarios, you should use appropriate corrective measures to rectify the problem. However, if you are unable to solve the problem then you should use a third-party partition recovery software to recover partition.

There could be the following reasons because of which the Windows partitions could be lost or get corrupted:

Hard drive formatting: Formatting the hard drive without minding the partitions information can remove the partitions.

MBR (Master Boot Record) damage: The MBR is used to start the operating system. So, any damage to the MBR would result in corrupt partitions.

Virus infections: There are various types of viruses that can badly corrupt the Windows partition.

Power outages: Repeated abrupt system shutdowns due to power outages can corrupt the partitions.

Human errors: Certain human errors like accidentally removing important files can corrupt the partitions.


To resolve the case of corrupt partitions, you

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