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Remote access to your computer or a friends PC, how to do it with 5 good choices
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You can sit at a PC in Cave Creek Arizona and reach out and control another PC on Wall Street in New York City. I do it every day. The location is unimportant.

All you need is an Internet connection at both locations, a little software help and permission. You can remotely control another PC, move the mouse, look at settings, read or edit a document, and even transfer files. Good remote access software solutions have security to prevent unauthorized access.

With computer technology there are almost always several way to get a job done. Some are good, some are bad, and some are scary. Here are five tested and secure ways to remotely control a PC for support or training. Some are free, and some have a cost. There are pros and cons to each choice, so pick the solution that best meets your needs. The short list of remote access software (details below):

   1. Crossloop - fast, simple and secure. File transfer. Session oriented. Free service.
   2. Logmein - easy setup, good control. No file transfer. No remote printing Persistent host. Free service.
   3. GoToMyPC - easy setup, good control, file transfer, remote printing. Persistent host. Monthly charge.
   4. XP Remote Access - good features. Requires VPN tunnel or IP address.
   5. PCAnywhere - robust, powerful, complete feature list. Persistent Host or Session Host. Purchase software.

Some considerations in making your selection:

    * The PC that is the target of the access is called the Host. The support PC is sometimes cal

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