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How to fix up these problems for my Satellite 3000?
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 I have a Satellite 3000 laptop with P III 800MHz processor, 384MB SDRAM and 60GB disk, later I updated the disk. And during the past few years, it always works well, but recently there’re something wrong with it:
1. Battery invalidation problem;
2. Keyboard has no function; so far it only applies for external keyboard.
3. Laptop runs really slowly, mainly because of the limitation of the memory.
Therefore, now I plan to buy another laptop, whatever, this Satellite 3000 still could be used, this is really an annoying problem, hope you give me some suggestions and help, thank you very much!
1): As the problem of the battery invalidation, probably your laptop’s CMOS battery is out of power, which causes the charging circuit of the motherboard could not supply enough power. And if the keyboard fails, please first in the device manager; make sure the keyboard driver has already been installed correctly. And whether the keyboard’s cable is connected well with the motherboard.
2): 1. Replace a new battery
   2. Try replacing the components in your laptop, such as hard drive, which may let your system run better.
   3. For an aged laptop, there’re must be many system garbage files left in system, which would all slower your system. Suggest you clearing up system garbage files, which would bring very good effect to your system.
   4. Find some background applications which are not used a lot, and then delete them all as possible as you can to maximize your system performance.

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