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How to clear the BIOS password for Acer aspire series laptops?
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Hello, my problem is that I want to clear the BIOS password for my Acer laptop, as I want to format my hard disk, but the boot sequence in BIOS is first from hard disk, what am I supposed to do to clear the password and enter BIOS setup? Hope your suggestion and help, thank you so much!
1) Few password cracks for laptop BIOS:
If machine could boot system normally or enter DOS, then please type the next commands, you may try the methods below to clear BIOS command:
_ o 70 16
_ o 71 16
_ q
   --You can find a machine of the same motherboard without password, and then make a CMOS backup with system backup application RESCUE in NU software package. And then recover the CMOS with password through the backup, then you can easily clear the SETUP password for the machine.
-Use some professional tools to clear or find out the CMOS password
If the machine could not boot system normally, but just to clear BIOS password with “Hard method” like to discharge by opening the case. However, laptop BIOS password is not stored in BIOS, but in EEPROM chip, even BIOS is out of power, the password still exists in EEPROM chip. Besides, it’s quite complicated to crack the password; so it would cost much to decrypt the laptop BIOS password.
2) So far as I know, there are several ways to crack BIOS password, you can refer the method below and have a try:
-Change hardware configuration
When BIOS password is lost, you can try changing the hardware configuration of the machine and then restart. When starting, if system finds the new hardware con

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