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How to choose between windows xp and vista for my note book?
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ounds like you can use it just for Vista alone, get what I mean? So, this is my advise to those who still want to pursue to enter the Vista World : - especially for the notebook users, DO NOT BUY A PC WITH JUST A MINIMUM SYSTEM TO RUN VISTA!
Vista has many versions, the best version costs the most however is also pretty good. For a laptop, note that although vista isn't a hundred percent compatible with everything, firms are catching up fast since it is the newest OS. Vista also allows you to reformat your hard disk and reinstall vista without a CD which is pretty useful if you're on the road. As of NOW, XP is better than Vista. However give it a few months and XP will become obselete. Not that I have anything against XP As for specs - So long as you have a great deal of ram and extra memory on your computer since vista takes up alot, you can't really go wrong. Visit for all your school related questions!
totally xp but remember every one has its one problems!
if you want to use vista, prepare urself to invest in terms of memory, graphics and hdrive. i would advise you to use windows xp. it is well supported, stable.compared to vista

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