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Why my Toshiba M55-S325 laptop cannot use system recovery disc?
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I have a Toshiba M55-S325 laptop, it was broken once, later I sent to factory to change my laptop motherboard. After I took my laptop back, I decided to recover its system and some other things. But what amazed me is that when I put system recovery disc into DVD-ROM, a prompt message auto pop up, saying my recovery disc only adapts for M50 or M55, while current system is none of the models above, so the laptop refuses recovering system.
  I know it is DMI software in BIOS to write my laptop model code and other information, and recovery disc calls up the information from BIOS and write message onto it.
 Anybody could tell me how could I solve this problem, and I really hope your suggestion and help, thank you a lot.
1) Suggest refreshing your laptop BIOS, (but there’s certain risk), and then recover system again. Update like this could let your system recognize system recovery information. Enter Toshiba website support page, and then choose M55-S325, choose and download relevant BIOS program, generally, there’re several universal different types of BIOS, you can check up the model information on website:
 And there’s another solution, which could help back up your material and let it run. If your friend has a same model, then you can first recover system to your hard disk on his/her laptop, once it’s done, you put the hard disk back onto your own laptop. Then system recovery is finished.

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