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Why my Toshiba M55-S325 laptop cannot charge?
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I have a Toshiba M55-S325 laptop, and it did a great job, the screen is good too. But recently I found two problems:
1. The battery could not charge, few seconds after connecting power supply, it could not charge. When laptop run with 100% power supply, everything is OK, the problem only occurs when battery capacitance is below 50%.
2. When connected with external power supply, charge and run from external power, there’s something wrong with the touchpad. Sometimes, it would not respond at all, but when you pull out the power pin, it could work normally again.
Really hope your help and suggestion, thank you so much!

1) It sounds like a battery issue, in this world, not every brand laptop battery could be perfect, they all have certain failure rate. And situation like yours, I suggest doing a complete test on your battery, because of your battery failure, so you cannot charge it normally from external power, and then system motherboard power supply is not stable, so such symptom would happen.
2) I think hardware issue occupies large proportion, probably there’s something wrong with the power part on the motherboard, or the adapter’s power is too small that causes power issue. So when you use the battery, motherboard power supply would be not enough, then system fails to run normally, finally abnormal symptom happens to your touchpad.
3) There’s direction on Toshiba M55 service manual. When system runs with totally external power supply, sometimes battery could not charge normally. Meanwhile, for

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