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10 common problems for hard disk and solutions
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As the core component of computer accessories, hard disk is quite important. However, in our daily life, there must be all kinds of big or small problems, which stop learning and work continuing. Next I will analyze and answer for 10 daily common problems that most cyber pals care:
1. Hard disk is changed and system couldn’t start
Failure symptom: after partitioning hard disk, copy the date of original disk to the new one. This process is always normal, but after removing the original hard disk, the new one could not let the computer start. System prompts: “PRESS A KEY RESTART”.
 Failure analysis and solution: it’s estimated that the primary partition of the new disk hasn’t been activated yet, which causes the problem that disk could not boot. Here’s the solution: just start to DOS OS with Windows 98 boot disc, rerun FDISK, activate the primary partition of the new disk.
2. Partition problem for big capacitance disk
Failure symptom: when connect the new bought 120G disk to the computer, BIOS could inspect the disk and recognize the capacitance correctly, but when use FDISK to partition, the disk capacitance inspected is not correct.
Failure analysis and solution: for the partition that FDISK fails to run, you can try DM or DISKGEN or some other software to partition the disk. Because FDISK doesn’t support big capacitance hard disk, while DM and DISKGEN have not that capacitance limitation.
3. To solve the physical bad track of hard disk
Failure symptom: a 20GB hard dis

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