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My XPS M1210 screen is half black and half bright
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Hello, this morning, I sue windex cleanser to clean my laptop screen, after cleaning it up; I started the machine, and then found the screen half black and half bright. I guess this is because I used too much cleanser, probably some cleanser is left between the screen glass layer and actual LCD, so I disassembled the LCD screen, but could not separate the layers of the screen. What else can I do? Believing this is caused because of the cleanser left between LCD and glass layer. Hope your suggestion and help, thank you so much!
1): Here’s the correct way to clean laptop screen:
1-get the cleanser on specific screen cotton cloth and then wipe the screen with the cloth wet in cleanser;
2-wipe the screen with sequence with the cotton cloth wet in cleanser;
3- then wipe the screen again with a dried cotton cloth special for LCD.
Follow this order, then you can maintain your laptop screen perfectly.
2): You should not use Windex to clean your LCD screen, because when you use Windex or other cleanser, probably the cover layer on the screen is damaged. Next time, remember not to use any liquid cleanser or any chemical to clean your LCD. If these are not specially used to clean LCD, you can use micro fiber or dried cotton cloth to clean the dust and fingerprint on it.
If you search “Windex” on Internet, then you will find that many people suggest not using windex to clean laptop. Next time when you do something, you’d better to search on Internet first.
3): Laptop maintenance is very important, especially its screen, which is the most fra

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