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How to take apart an AC power adapter?
By Alex
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Q: I can get no power from my power cord. How do I take apart an AC power adapter? Does anybody know how to take apart an ibook power adapter? the cord has been yanked out and needs to be put back in.... Thankyou

A:This repair needs an appropriate level of skills and a small amount of welding. Repair will leave as long as the line to make your low-voltage side.

Cut the wires as long as possible to stay long side magnetic connection, it is very difficult to side repair. Use of outer snap ring pliers (long edge of the large jaws, there does not destroy the best chance), and with the volume line "ears" pry open outside and break the "glue ear brake bonds." You have to do one on each side.

Once the supply of two you will be able to see two wires out of the grommet and will join the board of directors. The original wire crimped into the board and then soldering bolt. I cut off the wires, and then desoldered of the nail. To maintain the color line tracking and what, they have taken. I wrote a paper on the side heatsinc Sharpie pen a corresponding color.

I like to watch repair shop so that I remove the drill from the epoxy strain relief and re-inserted in the hole before stripping wires eager for welding is my line.

I prepped separately, two lines (center and drain), and to a small piece of heat shrink about two pairs, and then less than the present consumption of a bare wire. I use hot air gun to narrow then covered with a heat shrinkable only in centers with large loss of the two wires. Leaving only about 3 / 4 inch internal stress elimination of wires, because it

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