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Problem is high GPU temp on my Dell Latitude D620 laptop
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Q: Hi Everyone, I have some heat issues with my lovely Dell Latitude D620 laptop. I am using it for like 10 months now, i have played a lot of games on it, the games like DOOM 3,Quake 4,BF2,STALKER--Shadow of chernobyl,HALO CE and many others,although my lappy was gettin pretty hot everytime I played a game but it was not lagging while playin and was working fine.
However right now when i play Cs Source for a while or any other game with strong graphics ,sometimes it begins to lag a bit while playing.When I quit the game and turn on the Nvidia Control Panel while playing to see the GPU Temp i notice that it hits the slowdown treshold. when I shut the game down the temperature drops to 71 degrees and idles at that,sometimes it gets down to 69. Recently I downloaded a software called Speed fan and now everytime i play a game I run it.the Temp keeps risin to 90 degrees but it does not hit the slowdown threshold, and i experience no lag.but the keydboard gets freackin hot.

So these are current temp stats of my GPU

Idle Temp- 63-70 degrees
Temp While surfing the Web or watching Youtube videos - 73-76 degrees
Temp under full load- 86-98 degrees

So my questions are

Is my laptops GPU dying or not,are these temperature leves appropriate or not?shall i replace GPU or shall I get a new lappy? plz give me some suggestions and advices.Thanks

A: If you are overheating... usually any temp over 90C degrees is bad.

when was the last time that you cleaned out the fans and vents thoroughly...?

if never, then thats why.

1) remove battery
2) remove/unscrew the panels on the bottom of the not

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