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How to Repair Laptops for Free
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Step 1
Fix it yourself. Laptops are made up of components, such as a screen, hard drive, optical drive, memory and motherboard. Each of these can be removed and replaced by the owner without the need for professional and costly computer repair. The key is to find out what kind of screwdriver you need and assemble the other tools prior to starting. The best bet is to get a small screwdriver set for fine work that includes Phillips, flathead and Torx screw heads. These sets are inexpensive and available from department stores, hardware stores and electronics stores. You also will need a spudger. This is just a fancy name for a plastic semi-ridged tool like a spatula. It is used for prying up parts that you don't want to ruin with a metal tool, such as a processor, any circuit board or hard drive.

Step 2
Try the diagnostic software on laptops that still boot up. Most good diagnostic tools can tell you quickly what is wrong. They can tell you if the hard drive is bad, has bad sectors or is about to fail. These tools can tell you if the memory chips are malfunctioning or if the software has glitches.

Step 3
Open the computer using the appropriate screwdrivers. Get a sense of where everything is. Remove the hard drive. This is a small, thin metal rectangle that can be at either side or in the middle of the laptop. Most often, it is on the right side. It will be connected to the processor with a ribbon cable and it usually sits in its own cradle. In most cases, once you're inside the laptop, the hard drive will pop out with a spudger once the ribbon cable is disconnected. Be ca

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