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9 possibilities for high CPU occupation
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1.  Failure caused by antivirus software
  As new version KV, Kingsoft, Rising all added random supervision to webpage, plug-in and mails, no doubt, it increases system burden. Disposal: basically there’s no logical solution, so use as less supervision service as possible. Or you could update your hardware equipment.
2. Driver hasn’t been certificated; many beta drivers occupying 100% CPU are very popular
through Internet, so it’s very difficult to find reason. Solution: especially display card driver, suggest using Microsoft certificate or driver released officially, and check model and version strictly.
3. Virus and Trojans
A large amount of worm viruses are replicating quickly within system, which causes high CPU resources occupation. Solution: clear up system memory and local disk with reliable antivirus software, and open system configuration software, check whether there’s some abnormal process. Update antivirus software and firewall regularly. Enhance antivirus defense consciousness, master correct antivirus knowledge. 
4. Control panel—Management tools—Service--RISING REALTIME MONITOR SERVICE, right click to change it manual.
5. Start—Run—type “msconfig”—“Startup”, close some unnecessary startup items, and then restart.
6. Check the process “svchost”.
Svchost.exe is a kernel process in Windows XP system, which is not only in XP system, but

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