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How to Easily Find Cheap Gaming Computers
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Step 1: Consider the Sager Gaming Notebook.  When it comes to cheap gaming computers, the Sager Gaming Notebook is at the top of the list.  It costs around $900, and can be bought from Sager’s website.

Step 2: Get a refurbished computer.  Cheap gaming computers can also be acquired through refurbished machines.  Microcenter is famous for having a plethora of refurbished electronics, though you can check other electronic stores as well.

Step 3: Buy custom gaming computers.  Custom gaming computers are another way you can get a gaming machine at a reduced cost.   An example can be seen through the site “I Buy Power.”  They have cheap gaming computers that are as low as $376!

Step 4: Look into “free laptop” offers.  I know… some people think “free laptop” offers are scammy or cheesy, but there are people out there that have had success with these programs.  So, why not try them out?  Just keep in mind that free laptops don’t offer the type of specs seen on cheap gaming computers.  But they can help you play online games, old games or lower-end new games that don’t require as much processing.

Tip: If you get cheap gaming laptops over cheap gaming computers, make sure you buy a laptop fan.  The reason why is because these machines get really hot if you use them for a long time.  And when your laptop overheats, there’s a chance you could damage some of its circuitry.

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