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Hello, recently my Acer 5720z laptop is really overheated. It would auto shut down, besides, it could not start up until system begins refrigerating gradually. Is there software which could solve the problem? I could not set up my BIOS, what should I do to solve the problem? Hope your any suggestion and help. Thank you!
1) Generally speaking, laptop space is quite narrow, so the thermal performance is not that good. The heat thrown off from each component easily stockpile, finally affecting laptop work normally, even worse it would get the machine burnt. Therefore, when use a laptop, as generally laptop radiates heat from its bottom and side, so when there’re two points you should notice: one is to avoid being used in high temperature; the other is not to use on too soft place, which are not good for heat dissipation. Make sure you should put your laptop on a hard surface with good aeration. Meanwhile, you should often clean up your laptop, getting away dust, keeping the intake expedite with air, and all these are to keep the thermal system good. Besides, you know that some applications relying on processor may cause the temperature to rise to certain extent, which makes the laptop to slower down the speed of CPU automatically. In this case, it could protect CPU from high temperature.
If the temperature is too high during the work, then you should quickly save files and cut off power, and then change another working environment. If the problem above still occurs, then send the laptop to professional repair department and test it.

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