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IBM / Lenovo T43 laptop
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As the name behind the modern IBM ThinkPad, Lenovo T43 presents a fine example of a modern computing device that can provide just about everything that corporate customers could ask for.

While it is built to deliver gigabit ethernet and dedicated graphics capabilities, it allows limited expansion, has a small hard drive and does not originally come with a DVD burner. However, it carries what is standard among all Lenovo laptops, style, durability and performance that meet value.

Lenovo had not made much change on the boxy design and 6.4-pound built of the old IBM ThinkPad, although the new ThinkPad boasts a lighter 4.9-pound body with a 14.1-inch XGA LCD and ATI Mobility 7500 graphics with a 32MB memory and 24x CD-R or DVD combo drive.

The brand has improved the functionality and sensitivity of the model’s pointing devices such as the touchpad and ‘pointing stick’. Also, the new Lenovo T43 has dark gray function keys with white and light blue lettering to set them apart from other keyboard keys, which everyone agrees as a nice improvement to the model.

It has a modular bay located at its right side, which is designed to accommodate an optical drive, a second battery or a second hard drive. Its solidly crafted pop-out yet built-in tab design allows any of the connected devices to be removed by one hand.

The USB 2.0 slots as well as the connectivity and card slots, such as the ExpressCard slot and the PC card slot, of the new Lenovo T43 are mostly located at its left side. However, the unit may be lacking FireWire port, which hap

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