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IBM / Lenovo N100 laptop
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The lustrous-looking Lenovo N100 will make a better attention on notebook fanatics, giving them superior processing power and a fine set of features. Lenovo (formerly IBM) didn't make much of a splatter with the 3000 C100, the first ever notebook to put up with its name. But second time around is looking a lot vivid.

On the outer surface, the N100 looks more like the Lenovo ThinkPad Z60m. It is enclosed with a silver lid that makes it seem to be the Z60m's titanium cover, but the casing is completed wholly out of plastic. The N100 weighs more or less 6 pounds, which makes it a little bit easy to tote around. The 15.4-inch widescreen display, which by the way is transflective, is very good for well suited multimedia projects such as photo as well as video editing.

There are three, yes three vents on the Lenovo N100 to help scatter heat from the notebook; one on the base, one on the back side and one in the left. So even when doing multi-tasking in searing area for hours, heat hardly affects the performance of the notebook. It was never rough to use, even while playing Underground (Need4Speed). The fan came on at irregular intervals under normal use. The fan would come one for 10-15 seconds or less then go off for a while. This simply means that heat detection system is installed and runs the fan when at a certain point of heat, then turns off again when cooled.

Lenovo N100’s appearance is more refined than that of the C100's, and on full features, the unit comes out a lot nicer—particularly the bits and pieces contiguous to the screen and palm rests.

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