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IBM / Lenovo T61 laptop
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The new Lenovo t61 is a perfect blend of enhanced mobility and high quality performance.

It features ultra light design structure as well as boasting long battery life (it reaches almost 3 hours for normal usage). It’s about an inch thin and weighs around 5 pounds.

This Thinkpad gives you flexibility in the way you connect which gives it the added laurel of breakthrough performance of all time! Ok, well maybe that was a little over the top, but you really can’t deny how good this new model is. Read on, if you want more.

I focus on the 14.1 inch widescreen model for the sake of this article.

The new Lenovo t61 Thinkpad looks and almost feels like its T-series notebook predecessors.

The body’s casing is made of rugged inflexible plastic, and inside it is a magnesium roll cage in the main chassis and the lid,(which means, there’s magnesium inside the plastic). Astounding isn’t it? Apparently, the engineers of this t61 used this kind of design to allow for better radio-wave transmission when connecting to the internet or other wireless stuff you can think of.

The keyboard happens to have a new upgrade too. It’s become spill proof, as they say. For example, if you accidentally spilled your coffee on the keyboard, the liquid doesn’t penetrate the laptop, but rather there are two drain holes that channel away the coffee and out through the bottom. Splendid, no more Starbucks nightmares!

The design for the input and out-put ports has changed slightly, since there’s now a slot for card readers (optional, you

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