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IBM / Lenovo T60 laptop
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Lenovo T60 has been buzzed about for some time now. This is an interesing piece from Lenovo.

Most Workaholics, who pride themselves in multi-tasking, will find a lot to appreciate and go into raptures over with the new T60.

Many computer fanatics, including myself, won’t hesitate to utter how much love they had with the previous versions of ThinkPad Lenovo(former IBM). With the T60, great appreciation will be an understatement.

Lenovo T60 is an outstanding version of “T” series with a robust built. It comes in a customary black, which may dishearten those who were looking forward for a titanium coat. Mostly, the design doesn't swerve from that of its forerunner, the ThinkPad T43. The only slight differences are the EV-DO transmitter overhanging from the right side of the screen and the base, which is now enclosed with magnesium alloy which make the T60 a very durable notebook.

It stands out among notebooks when it comes to hardiness via choices of components, strong shielding chassis and a very well-built casing. Fundamentally indistinguishable as the previous T-series notebooks did. T60 uses rugged plastic for body that does not flex even when in extreme heat; lid with reinforced magnesium provides outstanding protection for the screen. Keyboard keys seem very independent because of the sturdy platform and inflexible keyboard base.

Metal hinges attached to the bottom of t

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