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How to Remove and replace laptop
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The direction below will help teach you how to remove laptop keyboard and replace it. This article doesn’t cover all models, but you may get a rough meaning, the disassembling steps are proper for most laptops. 


-If your laptop is still within the promised warrant period, then please don’t take your laptop apart, otherwise, you may lose the promise of quality warrant.

-Before you open your laptop, please first remove the laptop battery and pull off power adapter.

-If you break the keyboard faucet on the motherboard by accident, then you’d have to replace the entire motherboard.

-You should take the responsibility of the result. 

HP Compaq laptop

This is HP Compaq NX7000 laptop, and this method is also proper for other model laptops.


The indicator cover and the hinge cover are in one piece and is screw-less in this laptop. Many others laptops the hinges cover are separate from the indicator cover.
There are common also that screws are found underneath the indicator cover or behind the hinge covers.
In this case, there
Picture count 7 please continue have a look
Click picture for full size image.
Remove screws and latches.
Just as the picture 2 shows, you could find the screws used to fasten keyboard from the back cover of the laptop, 2 in all, and generally, there should be 2 to 4 screws on common laptops. And beside the screw fastening keyboard, there marks some sign; under certain circumstance, Hinge cover has screws to frap keyboard. However, this tutorial doesn
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