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Super powerful solution to recover Lenovo one-key recovery
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Super powerful solution to recover Lenovo one-key recovery (as one-key recovery is broken or hard disk cannot use the function)
 My laptop is Lenovo 125C, 40G drive, and actually it displays 35G after installing system, and I didn’t consider to buy portable hard disk at that moment, 35G is not that little. So within 2 months, I had to delete one-key recovery (under DOS, formatted disk and deleted all partitions, and did low-format once, reinstalled hard disk once and repartitioned with PQ8.0), then disk size shows 38G (later I knew that the extra few GB space didn’t bring me much free space), and I always use ghost later. And later I bought a portable disk, so I want one-key recovery again, so I want to reinstall it. Here’s my installation process.
1. Address for download:
Explanation: this software is also for other Lenovo serieses, I guess (you should take a look your own direction book, which marks the version of one-key recovery your machine uses)
2. Two methods
1) DOS installation without installing Windows system
First you should make the software into boot CD, which could be done with WinISO or Nero. It could completely be done under Windows system, and the steps under DOS is same with the introduction below. You may refer to it.
2) Installation under Windows system
Method 1:
(1) Copy the recovery software on local disk;
(2) Start system from CD
(3) If you copy it under root of drive C, then here’s the command:

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