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How to Replacing your laptop LCD screen?
By k007
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Step 1: Make sure you will need a new screen


 If you have dropped your laptop, or dropped something on the screen, it has been broken, it is easy to diagnose. If not, you can do that: Connect an external monitor to your notebook computer through its VGA output port, to verify the laptop is still working or not? If the normal operation of notebook computers in all other respects, it is time to fix the screen.

If your problem is not the result of the LCD physical damage, however, the problem may not be liquid crystal displays. If you backlight the screen flashes, shutdown after a few minutes use, or not, but you can still see the faint image on the screen, your problem is probably caused by inverter, a small Board, the backlight power supply.

The good news is that these boards are available, as well as less than 25 U.S. dollars. (We'll show you how to find and replace the inverter.) If the replacement does not solve the problem of inverter, may be the backlight has some wrong by itself. In the case, replace the liquid crystal display should solve your problem.

If you see garbage characters, lines, or a solid color on the screen, connect an external display and switch to the display (if you can). If the problem is obvious external oversight, the issue may be related to your notebook computer's motherboard or video circuit, not a LCD display. If the normal work of the external display, the problems are most from a LCD cable.
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Step 2: Find and remove the screws on the bezel cover

Before you begin working, it's best to remove all sources of power first. In this case, that includes the AC Adapter and the battery. Don't forget to remove the battery!

First, you'll need to locate the screw covers. These small rubber covers are generally found on the front of the display's bezel (surrounding frame), though on some notebooks you might find some of the covers along the side of the screen.

Look at all the metal and plastic parts. In others, Failing to find them, do a Google search for a take-apart instruction for your specific laptop.
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