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How to detect the overheating problem? The following instructions can help you.
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Overheating is a common problem for laptops and desktops. The CPU (sometimes chip on video card) overheating can cause the laptop (or desktop) to freeze or shutdown; severe overheating can burn the CPU and motherboard, destroy the computer completely.
     Most overheating is caused by dust in the cooling fans and heat sinks. The basic idea of cooling is using fans direct airflow to remove the heat generated by CPU (or chip on video card) out of the heat sinks. When dust accumulates in the fans and the heat sinks, their cooling abilities are significantly reduced. The situation gets deteriate when more dust stay in the fans and heat sinks. The early signs of the overheating are the computer self shutdown (or freeze) every several hours (4-5 hours), then over the time the shutdown (or freeze) get more and more often (in some cases, every few minutes). The CPU generates large amount of heat that cannot be diverted out of computer. The parts close to the CPU get very hot. Eventually, the CPU will be burned.

The target computer you like to test must still be functional, with operating system working (overheating can only cause shutdown and freeze; it does not cause system errors (commonly known as crash)). If the computer is functional, but it shuts down or freezes every several minutes, then it is already in the stage of severe overheating. Please take immediate action, go to "[1.2] Basic Repairing for Overheating" or "[1.3] Advance Repairing for Overheating". If the computer shuts down sometimes, or you suspect the computer is having overheating problem, please do the following.

Turn on the computer. When the system is ready, put the PC Care CD in to the CD-ROM. The CD has the auto run option, so please wait for the interface. When you see the interface, please select "[1.2] CPU Fan / Video Card Fan Testing Tools" by click it.
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The fan testing software installation guide will appear. Please select option "I Agree" by click it.
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